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Presentation Viva

I will answer the questions here:

Inspiration from different children and family media, first idea from the play we were supposed to work on in the previous project, aka “the way back home”.

Why the moon? I wanted a simple character because I knew I was going to experiment with a new feature in the software Celaction that I never tried before, nobody could help me, so it had to be simple in order to succeed. I chose the moon rather than a random planet on a random galaxy so that people could related to it more easily. It’s not entirely made up, there are theories that the moon might have been an asteroid that got trapped by the earth’s gravity.

At first the story was very different and involved more characters, all of them used to have a face, but that didn’t add much to the story, so it was cut down to focus more on the main character.

Drawing space was a bit difficult, as there weren’t many good references. You can’t look at the sky outside, and the pictures online were too detailed or too simple for the style I was trying to archive.

I was new with Paths in Celaction, and at first I had no idea of how to add effects and shadings in my movie. so I did lots of experiments, both in Rigging, and with effects. After Effects didn’t give the result for what I was looking for, and I was about to give up when I tried some effects in Celaction that worked, and by adding about four or five to each character I managed to get the look I was hoping for.

That didn’t work with the Earth, tough, as it was too complicated to do that way, so I opted for Photoshop instead.

I added the craters in Illustrator, I made one crater with all the rotation, and then copied it 12 times, to have a whole range.

For the people on earth I want an example of various races, to make more people feel into the story, and I chose a simple color palette that made the work faster and cleaner.

Chinese people helped me finding the look for the chinese family, while I looked on google for all the other environments and people. The beach was inspired by Jersey, the Island part of the UK, which I visited last year and gave me the same feelings I tried to convey in this story.

I made my workstation cozy to keep myself motivated. and I did sketches to study the expressions I wanted to give as well as controlling the rotation, appearance and disappearance of each crater.

The moon represents some people’s behavior when something unexpected happens in our lives, sometimes we don’t want to accept what we have lost, and we keep looking back at the past, focusing on the loss rather than on the new things, which could be as nicer. the moon had no idea the earth was that beautiful and that people appreciated her, until the astronaut arrived, because she was keep looking back towards space and her friend.

I covered the logo a previous post.

I wanted to add a personal touch to the animation, so I made the credits in watercolor, like I saw in the Pixar short’s “LA LUNA”.

The final render is going to take place soon!!

I wasn’t expecting to be able to do all the AE effects I’ve being thinking of, but I managed to make this quicker than expected, so here I am! ready to render the semi final version of my movie!

Still need the final version of the Sound Design. Thomas and Sam (well mostly Tom as they split to help me and Diana) were great sound designers, and we had a lot of back and forth (thing I couldn’t have with Barbara as I was already lucky to get music from her, so I had to stick with what she gave me the first time, which was actually really good!).

Thomas did a really good job with the sound, he changed what I wanted to be changed (including a whole acting for the moon, which didn’t work, so I had to tell him to not put it in), and he used a great sound effect for the asteroid, he was able to make me laugh on my scenes, which is pretty hard considering I saw them at least twice a day! So, couldn’t be happier with the result.

And here it is, my 5 Video, 2 Audio layers png sequence ready to be exported! I may take a rewarding shower while I’m waiting for the work to be done.

Even though the sound is not definitive, if worse comes to worse this is good enough to be shown!

And after that, my mind will finally be able to have the rest it was asking me since September.


Schermata 2015-06-09 alle 21.56.53

Life drawing

I like to think of life drawing as a way to look away from the computer and not have to think about my project.

I don’t really try to focus much on the drawing, I prefer to experiment with the color and release all the tension of the work in my drawings, experimenting and going back to childhood, where I was using lots of this stuff to get creative.

I love oil crayons, but today I had a photographic paper to use, so I decided to give a go to markers, and I pretty like the result

I also became very methodical with my work, I tend to plan my days depending on the weather, if it’s sunny I go out for a walk and then work hard in the afternoon, and every night I export a small version of the video, watch it and write down notes about what I have to fix the day after. Today I found out I have to render again 5 scenes.

IMG_9039 IMG_9040 IMG_9041

It’s render time!


I’ve started rendering and it is a very good thing as since the laptop doesn’t have much RAM I can do lots of other things for myself while I wait for the scenes, which are rendering quicker than expected!

I have also got the music from Barbara, and even if there are a few bits I’m not entirely sure with I really like it!! now some sound design to fix and then I will be done with audio!

Now I kinda look forward to finish, I can’t wait to see the final result, and to make all the promoting stuff, that would be the fun bit 🙂



009b_0001_89 008_0001_18

My first film festival!!!!

I’m back from Switzerland and I already miss it.


This three days experience definitely proved me that I am not made for London or big cities in general. The small town of Aarau was incredibly pretty and every single person was lovely, I had lots of free stuff and since I was international they didn’t want me to pay anything! There was also a very interesting workshop about camera obscure!


It is a shame that there aren’t many jobs opportunities there for me, but I made some very good friends, who gave me some tips about what I should do afterwards.



During the screening of my movies people laughed, so I think the joke of the mop still works, and on Sunday we had a filmmaker’s brunch, where I had the chance to show my animation once more and I also made a small speech and answer a few questions.


The experience was so delightful that now I want to make another one minute animation as soon as possible, in order to be able to apply to the competition next year, to come back and meet all these lovely people again! Even my friend from Jewelry was so happy that she said she wants to try to make a video too!

Also. we slept in a bunker, quite a cool experience! and we tried hitchhiking but unfortunately that didn’t work..   IMG_8961

Now it’s time to go back to work, and in order to do so, I made my workstation more colorful and pleasant.




After Berlin Updates

Pictoplasma was a good experience, and I really enjoyed Berlin!

Now it’s time to go back to work, however, also because I will be away for another three days soon, so better work hard. I don’t have new pictures to show, as now I am basically doing in-betweens for the Tvpaint scenes, and I am trying to finish as soon as possible so that my musician and sound designers can start working on the music, I don’t think I’ll have something to show on the rough cut, Barbara is so busy that she will do my music once the animation is completed. maybe I will have some sound design from Sam and Tom, It feels good to have a small team!

I wish I can find someone to collaborate with personal projects after graduation, it would be amazing.

I am going swiss this week, as the Old Operating Theatre animation has been selected in a small festival, and since it’s my first one I am going to be there to enjoy such a special moment for me. This helped me getting a bit more confidence about my work. I’m sure it will be a very good and forming experience!! 🙂


And I made this little guy in one of the workshop at the Pictoplasma in Berlin 😉 his name’s Gerard, and it was a great struggle to bring him back to London!

IMG_8697 IMG_8696 IMG_8686

First years’ work

I can’t be happier about my collaboration with the first years, I hope I am good enough for them, both Lourdes and Christina are very good animators, especially Christina, due to her background in animation, as she told me during lunchtime today.

Lourdes animated the wolf, while Christina is doing the flower, and I am glad they did something completely on their own, so that when the movie will be screened they will be like ” I animated that bit!” (hopefully) 🙂

On my side I finished my first TvPaint scene (chinese moon festival), still have two to go (and the astronaut as well, but can’t do it until the frames of the moon aren’t finished). Should be able to send everything to the sound designer by the end of the week if I’m lucky.

I am also making special watercolor ending credits, which I hope will fit with the animation. Need to find a good Font for the Title…

Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 23.22.12 Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 23.22.30 Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 23.22.47IMG_9057

Work is going ok

I think I’m enjoying a lot working on Celaction, I have started doing some of the proper inbetweens and it looks good so far!

I am a bit behind with the Tv Paint bit as I can work from home only and I have to be in school so that I can help my first year, Lourdes is doing great and I am sure that Christina next week will be as good, I can see what she’s doing for Becca these days.


Cattura Prova

Layout completed!! :)

Today I finished all my 25 layouts. Well I should have finished earlier, but my concentration is what it is, so I try to do a tiny bit of work done everyday.

Step by step everyday will hopefully avoid me the last minute rush, which I won’t be able to cope with if it will happen, so finger crossed I can set my time properly 😉

I am pretty proud of the result of the layouts with TVPaint, for those who said that I didn’t have enough characters! Now I have to see if I can import image sequences in my bugged tvpaint, otherwise I’ll have to use another software for the astronaut, which could be a bummer..

Anyway, here’s are the layout of the people on Earth <3

021 022 023 024A 024B 024C

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